5 biggest mistakes foreigners make when applying for a job in Australia

1) Playing down their experience

There’s very little to gain by being modest when it comes to selling your job. Recruiters don’t have the time to analyse whether you’re ideal for a position, rather they’d prefer to be fed the information about why you’re ideal. Certain people come from cultures where confidence is perceived as immature, that’s not the case in Australia… but don’t go overboard because the other side of that experience is….

2) Overselling their experience!

Sorry to say it, but no one cares if you went to Harvard. This name doesn’t carry the same prestige in Australia as it might at home as we’re not a status oriented society. You’ll get more attention if you’ve worked on a really interesting project.

3) Misinterpreting job titles

Australian companies may not have the same regulations over job titles as other countries do. ‘Manager’ or ‘coordinator’ or ‘analyst’ can mean a thousand things, so you’re better off closely examining the job description instead of searching based on job titles. Too often job searches will be too narrow in their quest, assuming their job title means the same thing everywhere.

4) Losing motivation

It can be hard to find a job! But you need to keep your spirits up. Occupy your time constructively when you’re waiting, connect with other people who are searching for jobs so you can share your experiences, try to build on your skills and use this down time to your advantage. There’s never a minute to waste.

5) Why not consider a career change?

You’ve come to Australia and there’s no time like now to consider other career avenues. Australian employers are often more flexible in terms of taking on people with the right SKILLS and POTENTIAL to succes in a job as opposed to strictly taking on people with the exact EDUCATION and COMPANY NAMES attached to their CV. What have you always dreamed of doing?

Have you done any of the above mistakes? Tell us about it!


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