5 key things that Australian employers look for in an employee

It’s clear that every employer simply wants to hire the BEST employee but in Australia some values may be perceived more highly than others. Of course you need to tick all the boxes of experience and education that they ask for, but certain personal traits will take you very far.

1) Passion

A demonstrated energy for your profession or the company and a spark when talking about your experiences and life choices will highly appeal to your employer! It shows engagement and excitement about what you do, and people want to work with someone like that.

2) People skills

The ability to communicate is so important for every single job. If you can talk about your love of teamwork and being social, you’ll get bonus points. The question is always coming to come up in most interviews: Tell me about a time you worked in a team on a project, your role in the team and how the project turned out. The interviewer wants to hear how you work well with others, have a team mentality and how you can lead and take orders whenever necessary.

3) Negotiation

Your ability to go above and beyond what is already on the table proves to be crucial skill. IT demonstrates social aptitude, confidence and a knowledge of the market to be able to bargain intelligently.

4) Initiative

It’s impressive if you can recall experiences when you saved the day or you came up with an idea that changed how people think. This is highly valued.

5) Humour

Make the interviewer laugh and you may as well sign the contract straight away!

The bottom line is that if you come across as a well rounded person that people enjoy to be around,

you’ll gain a lot of benefits in the recruitment process.


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