10 reasons you were rejected from that job in Australia

Just when you thought you were a shoe in for the job of your dreams, you can that tragic form email saying something along the lines of “Thank you so much for your interest in XYZ company. Your profile was excellent but it was a highly competitive position and unfortunately this time you were not accepted. Please visit our HR portal for more opportunities!”. You question “Why?? Why didn’t I get this job?” Here are some reasons you didn’t think of:

1) It turned out to be too much work to get around your working rights. – People are lazy and hiring you meant more paperwork.

2) The HR person lost your CV when it fell behind the printer – Human error can always be a factor.

3) Someone else was just more suitable for the job – Tough luck! You probably would’ve hired them too.

4) Confusion between the agency and the company so they decided they couldn’t trust you. – You had different CVs or told them different things and they spoke! It was just too strange for them.

5) A background check showed you lied about something in your CV – Tut tut

6) The CEO wanted their son to have the job – Sad but true fact that happens everywhere

7) You were in the top 3 of a tight race, but the other 2 candidates followed up with phone calls – sometimes can be the drop of water that makes the vase overflow.

8) The budget for the position was completely removed – they don’t care to tell you because that makes them look bad!

9) All your experience is overseas or you’re overseas! – What’s the use of you in this market? Or we don’t want to wait!

10) You were good but forgettable – a more aggressive candidate took your place.

This is why recruitment can sometimes be a game of chance. But that’s true of all aspects in life… wow, that was deep!


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