5 different ways to find jobs in Australia

1) University websites.

Companies advertise job offers exclusively to universities, though often time these companies will still recruit non-students. If you have an Australian friend going to university, ask about their career’s portal.

2) Local newspapers

Companies still advertise in print media! It’s true! To find employment in more local areas, check out newspapers or magazines in the area to see if there’s anything of interest.

3) Through another job ad

A company might be looking for a civil engineer but you’re an accountant, you already have your window! Make a general application through that advertisement and sometimes this can be your way in. A good candidate is a good candidate and there MAY be an internal vacancy that isn’t public yet.

4) Networking events

Several networking events are held in major cities. While you will need to pay to enter to best ones, you can find some very valuable and connected people at these occasions. You’ll need to know how to sell yourself in person but this method can work!

5) LinkedIn

LinkedIn has an excellent job portal and some recruiters choose not to advertise on other job sites because LinkedIn has given them superior results.

There’s really no right way to find a job. Explore all avenues and at worst, you’ll meet a lot of interesting people and have some better knowledge about the job market as a result.


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