5 tips for using SEEK

Searching for a job is an art of its own. Here are a few tips to help you out if you don’t know too much about SEEK or other online job portals in Australia.

1) Keep it broad

IF your search is too specific you risk limiting your results. It doesn’t take too long to go through the list of available jobs once you’ve entered your data, which is why a broad search will be more efficient than a narrow one. Try not to limit yourself in terms of job field or location as there may be discrepancies between what is entered in the database and what is written in the advertisement. You can be the judge!

2) Sign up for email notifications

SEEK has a feature where new search results will be automatically sent to your email. This allows you to automate your search and to have different categories depending on whether you’re interested in many different job opportunities.

3) Research job titles

Job titles can be so vague and they also may differ from what you know in your home country. Research what the names of possible job titles in your field are, and you’ll find many more items suitable to your profile.

4) Act fast

With the amount of competition, you can really jump ahead of the crowd by applying soon after the job has been posted. Some people consider it a waste of time to apply to a one week old ad. Of course some ads show dates when applications close, but applying early can still work to your advantage.

5) Look for agencies vs. companies

Recruitment agencies and companies work separately sometimes so you’ll see the same ad displayed twice. IF you have a preexisting relationship with that recruitment agency, you can expediate the process by getting back in touch with them.

These are just some tips to help make the search go a bit more smoothly, do you have any tips to share?


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