5 ways to close the interview in style

You’ve done everything you needed to do in the interview. You answered the questions with intelligence and wit and you asked a lot of thought provoking questions. The interview has drawn to a close….. all you have to do is get to the elevator without any problems! Here are 5 ways to leave that positive lasting impression.

1) Final burst of energy!

You need to end with fireworks! Make sure you don’t seem tired from the questioning, you have your signature smile on and your voice is peppy and joyful! It’s easy to be dragged down from the hours of interview questions and stress, but just make sure you finish in a blaze of glory.

2) Maintain conversation until you part with the interviewer

Nothing worse than a big empty silence between you and the interviewer on the way back to the lift. Conversation doesn’t need to be sensational: compliment the office, the location of the office, ask if the interviewer has a lot of work to do. Like this you’ll prevent awkwardness!

3) Where are you going next?

It’s likely that they’ll ask you conversationally what you’ll be doing for the rest of the day. Try to have an answer other than ‘going home and looking for more jobs’. Also, leave the area of the city where the office is. It wouldn’t look so good if the interviewer goes to a nearby café soon after and sees you there out of context.

4) Remember names!

The name of the interviewer should be engraved in your mind. Call people by their names… and the right name!

5) Don’t fall!

Can you imagine anything more embarrassing? Actually… don’t imagine it! That way it will never happen!

By following these tips, this will make sure the interviewer goes back to their office smiling at the thought of you. Have you ever fallen down during an interview?


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