6 MUSTS before you leave for the interview

Have you thought of everything before you head off for that interview that might change your life. Please keep the following in mind as they may just save your life!

1) Have phone numbers of contacts in case you get lost or are running late

People are late, terrible things happen and accidents are never planned. In case of calamity, or in case you walked in completely the wrong direction when you exited the station – bring all necessary phone numbers! This might include the HR contact, the hiring manager, the recruitment agent, the office in Singapore and the company’s main switchboard. Nothing could be worse than knowing you’re going to be late and having no means to contact them.

2) Know exactly where the office is located and how to get there

You feel your know the city pretty well and you’re kind of certain where the office is – not good enough. 5 minutes looking for an office can turn into 15 minutes before you know it, which turned into lateness, which turns into a poor interview. Know PRECISELY where the office is, even go there the day before if you have time. You need to concentrate on your performance on the day of the interview, not waste time asking passers-by where a building is.

3) Leave your house early

Pretend you’re catching a flight! Anything goes wrong and you’ll lose everything. Let yourself cooly and calmly get to the interview on time, all events considered.

4) Bring gum or mints for good breath

Can you imagine anything worse than bad breath at the time of your interview?

5) Don’t skip a meal because you need the energy

You may be nervous, but you really need to eat. Interviews, including travel and waiting times, can take hours and hours. You need to be at your peak level of performance the whole time so ensure you’ve had appropriate nourishment beforehand.

6) Bring a copy of your CV

This isn’t exactly a ‘MUST’, but if you’ve got spare time while you’re waiting, revise your CV. IF the HR contact forgot to bring a copy of the CV, pull your one out of your bag – what class! One slip up can really put you on edge. Do your best to be organised and the rest will flow easily!

Have you ever made a tragic mistake before an interview?


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