8 crucial things to keep in mind in an Australian interview

In some cultures, you want to present yourself as the best and brightest in an interview. However, Australia has a more social dynamic so there may be a few things to kind in mind during your interview.

1) Be confident but not too confident:

A bright, energetic personality will be very much appreciated, but don’t brag! You’ll be perceived as arrogant and unlikeable. Relate your accomplishments to how that makes you’re the best person for the job at hand, don’t just list your accomplishments so you look like an amazing human.

2) Start with a smile and strong eye-contact:

You’ve heard this tip before but you’ll get a instant +10 bonus points with a strong, confident start. Body languages speaks volumes.

3) Balance the tone of your voice:

Keep your energy levels up throughout the interview through a strong and positive voice. You need to hold the attention of the recruiter.

4) Solid body language but not too stern:

Hold your posture well but don’t come across as stiff and proper.

5) Have an answer for everything:

“I don’t know” is rarely acceptable. If you don’t know the answer to a question, ask them to explain the question in more detail. If you still don’t know, ask them to give you some examples. If you can’t remember, ask back a question to try an narrow down exactly what they’re looking for. There’s always a response.

6) Don’t overdress:

Not every company in Australia expects you to wear a suit. Some younger companies will let you get away with neat jeans. When in doubt, ask. You may feel a bit uncomfortable to ask in advance, but that’s better than feeling uncomfortable in a suit for the entire interview when the interviewer is in jeans and a t-shirt.

7) Be happy!

Try to be a good mood for your interview. An Australian interviewer will respond much better to a happy, good-natured person than a stressed serious one – even if they’re saying the exact same things.

8) Take personal interest in the interviewer

When it comes to question time, feel free to ask about the interviewer’s personal journey into the company. Feel free to recall this information at future interviews or when ending the interview. This is a great way to be memorable.

Try these tips out even if they don’t seem logical according to the culture you’re from.


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