How do you joke with an Australian interviewer?

Humour is an important tool for succeeding in an interview. Humour allows you to build a connection with your employer on a human level and it reflects well on you as a social, quick-witted and pleasant person to be around. The problem with this is that humour is different in every single country. So how do you joke with Australians?

1. Make fun of yourself, but in a natural way
Were you in charge of cleaning the toilets in one of your first jobs? Say it was the dawn of your professional life! Being self-depreciating is part of the Australian culture, and it will get more attention than if you brag caustically.

2. Highlight a silly hobby or achievement
Maybe you run a website that sells catcus plants? Perfect! Definitely make sure you bring that up in your interview. It brings colour and suggests you have a personality with a lot to offer. Similarly, if you’re a highly skilled juggler and won an award on a state-level – how interesting! If you can bring this up in response to one of your questions, then you’ll gain a lot of points.

3. Bring up your cultural background
Are you from Fiji and you were inspired to work at this job at a cultural event? This is a perfect story! Australians are used to a multicultural environment, so bring up something unique to your cultural heritage and the interviewer will find it charming that you shared something with them.

4. Small talk is good!
Fell free to talk about the weather, how you got to the office, what you did on the weekend. These conversation topics will come up at the beginning or the end of the interview session, but there’s nothing inappropriate about chatting. It suggests you’re at ease with the interviewer and you’ll make them feel comfortable.

This casual nature of Australians is something you’ll find within every part of the culture. Some people just find it odd, but it’ll grow on you (like fungus).


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