Coping with job rejection

No one likes to be turned away. It makes us question our actions and our position in society. So what are some ways you can turn a frown upside down and cope with that dreadful word: ‘NO!’ ?

1) Don’t take it personally

Just because you got rejected from a job doesn’t mean you should question the reason you were put on this Earth. It’s just a job and as you’ve already seen in your searches, there are hundreds of jobs out there with another new one being advertised every hour.

2) Look at the positive!

Depending on what stage of the recruitment process you got rejected, clearly you have proof that you’re employable. If you were able to get an interview before hearing a negative response, then you can feel validated that you clearly are good enough to find a great job.

2) Learn from this experience

Something went wrong, and maybe it wasn’t your fault. Maybe the son of the boss decided he wanted to have a job and so they chose him instead. But potentially, you did something wrong somewhere along the line. Take a look and reexamine what you did so you can move forward strongly from this minor set-back.

3) Appreciate rejection!

Quite frankly, once you find your dream job, you’re not going to go through this recruitment process again for while! The dark and the light are all part of the adventure and getting knocked back will only make the eventual triumph that much sweeter.

All in all, feeling down on yourself won’t get you the result you want – a job. Make the most of any situation and it’s also a chance to build real character, shake up your strategy and appreciate your future job when it comes.


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