Typical day in an Australian office

Of course, every company and every industry will work in a different way. But here is the daily agenda of a very typical company in Australia, maybe there are some differences compared to what you’re used to?


The work day begins. You really need to arrive on time or early to you may get a word from your boss, even if you’re just coming 10 minutes late every day. Maybe you can arrange it so your start time is a bit later, meaning of course you’ll need to stay later as well.


Someone suggests going out for coffee. They’ll ask around the floor to see who wants something in preparation of the 9;30 meeting. People usually have cappucinos, lattes, flat whites, and they buy it from a cafe nearby.


Time for a meeting. People may be a little bit slow to come into the meeting room, so others will chat about their lives, the weather and the weekend until it’s time to start.


You send off the document that was due at 5pm the day before. You let them know it was late because you had to leave earlier yesterday because of an event at your kids’ school.


People start going out for lunch. Lunchtime may be anytime from 11:45 – 2:45. Some companies regulate it so it’s 12-1 for example, but most have no rule about the time you go out for lunch. Australians very frequently buy their lunch outside or go to a cafe.


A colleague probably has some chocolate and they’ll share around the office.


Time for another coffee run.


Your boss asks you if you have time for a meeting at 4pm. You tell him you’re working on some things but that you can meet up on Monday at 10am. He says that’s fine.


Today is Friday and in this office everyone goes out for a drink on Friday afternoon to celebrate the coming of the weekend. It’s best to join your colleagues at this time. Of course some companies don’t do this every week, maybe just every month.

And that’s the work day! Maybe it doesn’t seem so tough, but Australians will be quite efficient when they work. They won’t waste too much time when writing an email or talking to someone on the phone, they’ll just get it done.

Does this sound like your office? Tell us what you think!


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