6 tips for dealing with Recruitment Agents in Australia

Sometimes it’s difficult to deal with recruitment agents. They may not always be working in your best interest, but you’re not exactly working in their best interests either. Here are some tips to make this unique relationship more manageable.

1) Know that you are a product that they’re trying to sell

You need to be as attractive as possible so they’ll WANT to sell you. Work with them to make sure your recruitment package is the most desirable.

2) Ask them for advice

Recruiters do recruiting as their full time jobs! You can ask them for hints on how to improve your CV, how to approach an interview, how the job market is. Sometimes their info is in their own interests so take it with a grain of salt, but it’s still valuable.

3) Be assertive in your desires

If you say something like ‘Oh I’m open to anything”, then they’ll shove you in a 2 month data entry contract role. Tell them your demands and desires and they’ll do their best to help you out.

4) Keep them updated

Sometimes recruiters have excellent relationships with HR departments of other companies. If you’re on their good side then you might go to the front of the queue.

5) Let them do the dirty work

Do you feel that following up for an update from the employer directly might put you in a bad light? If so, you can ask the recruitment agent to chase them up for a response. Remember: they want you to get the job just as much as you do.

6) Say ‘no’

If they’re trying to put you up for inappropriate roles, kindly but firmly tell them that you’re not interested and instead give them your recommended career direction.

Recruitment agencies can be your best friend or an annoyance. Work with them and everybody wins!


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