Can you follow up on a job interview?

After a job interview, you’re absolutely dying to know more information about how you went, when the next rounds will be, if you got the job etc… yet you feel unsure about whether you should call the hirer. Will it make you look desperate? Will they think you’re annoying? Here’s what we think is socially acceptable.

1) Don’t be afraid to follow up!

There’s no problem with giving a quick phone call to see what’s going on on their side. At worst, they’ll thank you for calling and promise to get back to you. They’re really too busy to care more than 5 seconds about your phone call and what counts is that you want this job. Theoretically you’d do anything to have it, so don’t shy away from a quick call or even email.

2) Send an email after the interview

Thank the interviewers for their time. Keep this email short and don’t go on and on about what an opportunity it was. Simply tell them that you appreciated the chance to learn more about the company and you hope to hear back from them soon. Do this when you get home from the interview.

3) How often should I call if I’m getting no response?

This depends on the availability of the person you’re calling. If they’ve told you already that they’ll get back to you because they’re still interviewing, wait a week or so. Ask them to give you some estimations on times and go from there. It’s all a two-way street.

4) If I don’t get the job should I demand feedback?

You can try but almost always you’ll be told that it’s not their policy to give feedback. There’s no harm in asking as any information, no matter how brutal, will only help make you wiser in your job search. Be prepared for answers like “felt you needed more experience”, “you were close but we had another candidate with just a bit more of a relevant background”, “we felt you wouldn’t fit it”.

All of this is only possible if you have a suitable contact – which might not always be the case!

Are you aggressive in following up? OR are you as patient as a saint?


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