What kinds of interviews are there?

With all the different kinds of companies out there, each one will want to put you through different tests to see if you’re right to work with them. We’ve made a list of some of the kinds of interviews you may face.

The phone screening

This mode of interview is very common. An HR person or a recruitment agent will call you 1-5 days after you submit your CV and do a quick interview over the phone. Often, these interviews are just to fill in some holes that were not there in your CV so they can sell you to the hiring manager. It also gives you a chance to feel validated you passed the first step in the process and HR has a chance to see how you perforn over the phone. This is very common so don’t celebrate your new job yet as in some cases it’s just a formality.

Hiring manager interview
You’re in the top group and the hiring manager wants to talk to you. This is a great moment! The hiring manager interview can come under numerous forms and you may face numerous rounds:

– One-on-one interview
It’s just you and the hiring manager in a room together.

– Two (or more) -on-one interview
You, the hiring manager and someone else will interview you. Usually the third person is an HR person. That person will ask numerous questions to gauge why you’re suitable for the company. The hiring manager will try to find out why you’re suitable for the role in question. Sometimes a third person might be there who is someone else from the team or perhaps another HR person or even a director. Don’t be intimidated, they’re just people.

– Group interview
You’ll be side-by-side with other candidates in the interview. This is quite common in banking and law. Often, questions will be put towards the room and they want to see who has the assertiveness to react first and best. They’d also like to see how you work with others.

– Assessment centre
This is the most brutal of all the interview processes. You’ll spend a day at the office going through many rounds of tests, one-on-one interviews and group interviews. It may even become fun where they make you play games and see how you interact within a group. This is while they watch you and take notes. Good luck with this one! Fortunately they’re not extremely common – mainly restricted to graduate programs.

Of course these are just some of the most common kinds of interviews, we’ll also discuss tests and reference checks which are a different world of their own.


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