Best locations to work in Sydney

Here is a list of some ideal location to work in if you’re in Sydney. This is not ranking, as it of course all depends on your preference and life circumstances.

1) CBD

Chances are, when you’re looking at job advertisements, the majority of jobs will be located in the CBD. It’s ideal to work here as the most important companies are located there and of course it’s well served by transport.

2) North Sydney

Just on the other side of the Sydney Harbour Bridge is North Sydney. Still quite easy to get there with public transport and a lot of important IT companies are there. It’s also likely you‘ll have an amazing harbour view from your office if you manage to get in one of the better skyscrapers.

3) Paramatta

If you already live towards the Western suburbs, then Paramatta is an ideal location to work in. Plenty of big name companies have offices there so they can serve the entire Western region of Sydney. The suburb also has train, bus and ferry access.

4) North Ryde

A lot of large companies are moving to North Ryde due to the space that’s available there, in comparison to the dense CBD. If you have a car than North Ryde is ideal as public transport is not amazing to get there and the workplaces have the space to provide a parking lot on site.

5) Rhodes

People describe this inner west suburb as ‘up and coming’, most likely due to a numerous developmental projects taking place there. Like with North Ryde, if you don’t have a car then it may be difficult to get there.

There are plenty of other suitable locations to work in such as Manly, Chatswood, Bondi, Mascot. Make sure you check out how to get to these places before you commit to a job at an office there as sometimes we forget just how large Sydney is!


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