Why can’t I find a job?

It happens so often that someone puts their heart and soul into their quest to find a job feel that all they get is defeat. If you’ve been employed in the past and you don’t have a job, then there’s something wrong with your approach. Let’s examine based on the stages of employment:


1) I haven’t once heard back after applying for a job:

Reason: Something in your CV or cover letter is putting people off.

Are you sending an identical CV to every employer?

Are there very large gaps in your CV that aren’t explained?

Do you have a considerable amount of spelling mistakes?

Are you applying for jobs that are beyond your level of experience?

Is it obvious from your CV that you have no working rights?


2) I got to a phone screening phase with a hirer or recruitment agency but never hear back after that.

Reason: Apparently you’re forgettable – you’re not leaving much of an impression with the person on the phone.


Do you follow up with an email and phone call soon after the phone screening?

Do you have good English language skills? Is your phone manner bad?

Do you stumble when talking about your experience? Are you giving them a reason to doubt you?

Is your phone connection terrible? Does your voice mail work?

Is there something misleading in your CV that is revealed upon revealing more detail?

Are you demanding a high salary/certain benefits as part of your phone screening?


3) I get to the face-to-face interview stage and then never hear back afterwards.

Reason: Your performance at the interview might be not be living up to their expectations.


Are you left speechless after certain questions?

Are discrepancies in your CV made clear at the interview stage?

Did you ask enough questions when they gave you the opportunity?

Were you confused by anything the interviewer was saying? Because maybe it showed.

Did you feel you connected with the interviewer on multiple levels?


4) I got to the reference check phase, and didn’t get the job.

Reason: You’re providing the wrong references!


Can you imagine that your provided reference gave you positive feedback?

Was it only now exposed that you don’t have working rights?


By stage 2, 3 or 4, you should feel quite assured that you’re employable because there are always a million reasons why you don’t get a job. Maybe the position was removed or they went for an internal hire or maybe someone else was simply better etc.

In terms of your performance – face up to your weaknesses, fix them and get the results you need!arcsztres


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