Australia’s best job search websites

There are numerous ways you can go about getting a job but the most popular method is to use online job portals. Here are some of the most popular sites in Australia.

This is the number 1 job search site in Australia. Because it is the most popular, it has the highest amount of jobs available. Seek is very easy to use and you can trust the quality of the job posted there. Please note that with all these sites, you may find an identical job posted numerous times. This may be a reposting or it may be a recruitment agency that’s listing the job separately. The secret to using Seek effectively is to provide broad search terms and then browse the results. You can also sign up for job alerts to tell you the newest jobs when they’re posted.

These sites are similar to Seek but they just operate on a smaller scale. Recruiters will advertise across all job platforms so there will be definitely be duplication if you’re using all sites. At the same time, some recruiters may focus their attention on one of the above sites so you can find usually find some relevant offers on the above sites

LinkedIn has an excellent job search feature. The jobs that LinkedIn shows you will be tailored to the profile information you have provided. Some companies also choose to only advertise on LinkedIn as opposed to the other job search sites. As a result, there may be fewer options, but they may be higher quality.

This is small introduction to some popular job search sites that are used in Australia. If you have other sites that you use, please tell us!


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