Learning about the company before the interview

Sometimes all we want is a job and we don’t care where it is. Whatever your recruitment goals are, it will infinitely help you to research the organisation before going into the interview, or even before you apply. But we’re all busy people so how should you research?

1. Go to the website

2. Understand exactly what the company does

This may seem like an obvious thing to know, but you’d be surprised how important it is. Some companies do very abstract things, especially those in the professional services companies. If you demonstrate that you really do have a solid grasp of their overall market offerings, then you’ll leave a very good impression.

3. Remember the names of products or services of the company

Even if all you can do is name a few things the company sells, you’ll be considered 10x more knowledgeable than the next candidate. People inside the company would use all these product names hundreds of times in a week. If an outside can come and use these terms, it reflects very well.

4. Check the Mission statement / Company values

This will satisfy the HR recruiter to no end! The hiring manager may not care so much.

5. Try to see where the Australian office stands if it’s a global company

If you’re applying for a global company then it’s likely that the Australian office will function differently from other offices. They’ll deal with different regions, may focus more on different sectors or different operations. A knowledge of this will go a long way.

6. Know who the CEO or directors are

The CEO of this company you’re applying with may be a big deal in the industry or even within the company. The point of an interview is to build a connection with the interviewer so they can imagine you in that office everyday. This is one way to get them on board.

Recruitment is a competitive game and this is another way that added preparation can put you on top! Tell us what you think


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