Make being international your strongest point

Over time we’ve seen HUNDREDS of CVs and it’s so easy to tell the quality ones from the ones that will never get a job. Everyone should take a long hard look at their own CV and think if they would hire this person.

When HR people see you went to an overseas high school , they may be wondering:

1) What’s this person doing in Australia? Why did they leave their job and cross the world?

2) What can this person bring with zero local market experience?

You need to get around this unspoken opinions by addressing these points straight out.

1) Highlight in your cover letter what brings you to Australia and how long you’re staying.

2) Research the Australian market so you have some input in the interview and always emphasise how much you want to learn about this new market. The HR recruiter won’t pass on you JUST because you’re a foreigner, but if you’re applying for a magazine job and there’s another candidate who  knows every newspaper and magazine in Australia unconsciously, then clearly they’re a better candidate. You’d hire them too.

3) Relate your international experience for an Australian audience. Your university at home may be the greatest university in the country, but no one has heard of it in Australia. Don’t just tell them it’s great, because they don’t care. Emphasise the courses you took and what you learned and how you’ll bring that experience to the job.

These are some basic hints that international students overlook. Try to curtail these and your job chances will improve exponentially.


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